About National Benefit Builders, Inc

In 1994, the founders of NBBI were engaged in the building and marketing of a regional dental network that eventually became the largest independent such network in the NY/NJ area. While building that network, the people in charge realized how important it was to have highly credentialed providers making up the network and that for the welfare of the patients involved, the integrity of the network could never be compromised.

When the time came to expand the network beyond its regional limits and become a national one, a number of alternatives were explored. We could build our own national network or we could investigate the networks that were already out there. After investigating the many independent (non-insurance company) networks with which we could have aligned, we determined that not all of them met our strict credentialing standards, so we thought we would begin to build our own.

At this time, the advent of the discount card was also coming of age. The number of people with insurance was declining and the need for alternative solutions was increasing. Perhaps for that reason, some of the major insurance companies began to embrace the concept of the discount card and began to explore the possibility of allowing their networks to be used for that purpose. That is when we decided to forget the expansion of our own network and become marketing agents for the insurance company networks, as well as non-insurance based networks that meet our strict requirements. We have never looked back.

We also decided to offer networks other than dental to our clients and we expended the same effort into finding other health-related networks as we did in building our own network years earlier. The price of a network was always second to the quality of the network.

Over the years we have become a major wholesaler and retailer of all forms of discount networks and we have never compromised our principles of honesty, fairness and service to the consumer, including unmatched 24/7 customer service for all of our cardholders.

We actively monitor the website activities of our clients to be sure that they are promoting and marketing our networks in a fair and honest manner. We are pro-active in reporting to various authorities those companies that we feel violate laws or mislead the public in any way.